Access management for employees automated

Access management for employees automated

Access management for employees automated

SynerBees for employees

SynerBee for employees offers a solution to the problem of giving and withdrawing access for employees of the own organization.

Employees are working more than ever from remote locations and from home. In doing so, they use different devices to access the organization's cloud and on-premises applications. This is convenient, but also makes management and security more complex. Contrast this with the dynamics of onboarding and employee turnover. It quickly becomes clear that there are benefits to be gained from dealing with access management more efficiently, more securely and less prone to error.

The benefits for you

  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Automatic and effective
  • Minimal investment

SynerBee for employees in a nutshell

Automatic access providing

Automatic provisioning of new employees in Microsoft AD and automatic de-provisioning upon retirement.

Centralized control, management and insight into access

The admin user has insight into the access status of employees to systems. And the ability to block access immidiately from a central point (SynerBee).

Usable reports for audits and GDPR demonstrability

SynerBee provides 24/7 visibility into key access management KPIs for auditing and being able to meet GDPR standards/requirements, among others. 

Access by department or role (RBAC)

Not every employee needs the same applications. That is why SynerBee offers employees the option of automatically providing access based on someone's job function as standard. This allows new employees to quickly start using the applications intended for them, but teams can also quickly start using new applications. Very convenient. 

Moreover, user group access can also be revoked at any time. This prevents users from having unnecessary access to applications. Avoids potential security risks, unnecessary licence costs or confusing overviews.

Read more about RBAC

AFAS software registered link

SynerBee for employees offers automated access management by using an connection with the HR system. Through a smart link via SynerBee's Intelligent Access Platform, new employees created in AFAS as an HRM source system are automatically provided with an account in Microsoft Azure AD. SynerBee is certified by AFAS and shows the quality and trust of AFAS. If you are interested in another connector, please contact us.

SynerBees solution for employees

How it works

  • Stay up-to-date and in control of access management for your employees
  • Strengthen the security of your ICT environment and become GDPR compliant
  • Provide user-friendly automated access to systems (device and system independent)
  • Receive a scalable and flexible solution that evolves with your business

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