Achieve an optimal balance between workability and excellent access security of the ICT environment with the scalable SynerBee solutions.

With the Intelligent Access Platform, SynerBee offers an innovative and future-proof solution for the control of information exchange between people, machines and devices. Our services consist of various building blocks that are  continuously further development and improved. This makes it increasingly easy to cooperate with chain partners in an innovative and automated manner and to optimally serve your customers.

The benefits for you:

Flexible Requires little management effort

Affordable Responds to a growing demand for IAM

Scalable Approaches from a business perspective and is future-proof

Combinable Can be combined with SynerBee partial solutions and linked applications

User-friendly Makes a lack of IAM knowledge irrelevant

We are here to help you Interested? Ask for a conversation


Interested? Ask for a conversation

Innovative and accessible

We believe that all companies should be able to use professional solutions for smart and secure access to collaborate digitally! Therefore, we develop scalable affordable solutions that can be combined organization specific. Innovation is of great importance, because the solutions must be deployed sustainably in changing environments. SynerBee combines modern proven technology and innovative principles such as Zero Trust and Policy Based Access control. This gives you one central point to regulate and manage everything around access according to modern principles.

A user-friendly solution that grows with your business

SynerBee's capabilities are comprehensive, such as centralized management, secure information sharing between customers, employees and partners, and visibility and control around access for all stakeholders and devices in your business environment.

By combining the right building blocks, you get a customized solution that fits your current and future needs. The SynerBee solutions are available from the cloud. They are fast, user-friendly, secure and require minimal investment.

SynerBee for employees SynerBee for employees

SynerBee for employees

SynerBee for employees offers a solution to the problem of giving and withdrawing access for employees of your own organization. 

SynerBee for external users SynerBee for external users

SynerBee for external users

SynerBee for external users allows you to provide secure and fast access to relevant applications and data of your organization to external partners.

SynerBee for IoT SynerBee for IoT

SynerBee for IoT

With SynerBee for IoT, you ensure that data exchange between non-human identities, employees and any third parties is optimized.

SynerBee for admin users SynerBee for admin users

SynerBee for admin users

SynerBee for admin users provides the answer to the growing demand for security around admin accounts. This affects the continuity of your business and your reputation. makes use of cookies, want read our cookie statement?