Avoid mistakes with the ease of automation

Lars woke up early in the morning as his phone went off. Linda said a data leak occurred because old employee accounts were not properly closed, and everyone could still access sensitive information. That information has fallen into the wrong hands. This will result in a hefty fine for the company and a harmful impact on its reputation. Because personal information has been handled so carelessly, customers can lose trust in the company. Lars must come up with a solution as soon as possible to avoid this problem in the future.

With a fitting Cloud-based solution for employees, all information will be safe and up-to-date in one place

Lars is looking for a solution that ensures that all employees can safely and quickly access all the necessary applications for their function. Preferably, this is all from central a point where he no longer has to help HR with the inflow and outflow process. In addition, Lars also wants this to run smoothly without mistakes being made. This would require an automated system so that there is more control over the access rights of employees.

After doing some research, Lars decided to go for a Cloud-based solution. With a Cloud-based solution, you can work safely at any time from any location, which can also be from home. With the access rights management of all the applications in a central place, everything is in one clear overview. This will make it faster and easier to exchange files and communicate. In the Cloud, systems and programs are automatically up-to-date, and IT does not have to spend more work on system management.

By automating processes, there is less chance of human error and a lot of time can be saved

This will also save Linda from HR a lot of time and work. With a Cloud-based service that provides access to all applications, Linda only needs to enter all personal data once. Then, she can show the new employee everything on the first working day and provide better guidance. Besides that, Linda is no longer dependent on other departments to adjust access rights. In an emergency, all access rights can be revoked at the push of a button, which means that data leaks can be prevented if, for example, a laptop with information is stolen. With the new service that Lars has found, an up-to-date overview of access rights can always be downloaded to be compliant with the GDPR. This report can be used during an audit, which also simplifies the process.

Lars has since contacted SynerBee who offers the right solution for their company and the employees. As soon as the service has been implemented, HR has a lower workload around the inflow and outflow process, IT no longer has to deal with access to all employee systems, and the security department now knows that the information is all secured.


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