SSO – Single Sign On
SSO stands for 'Single Sign On'. It ensures that a user only needs to log in once to access different applications. This does not mean that the step to gain secure access is skipped, but that it is set up in the background so that by using the same way of logging in, access is granted. Indeed, it is usually even more secure. Not constantly logging in and remembering passwords is obviously a lot more user-friendly. Moreover, the administrator is not constantly bothered with support questions about logging in, such as resetting a password. 

SSO is a standard functionality of SynerBee when using Azure AD and thus available in combination with all solutions. SynerBee for employees, for example, activates the feature in Microsoft AD. In this way, employees get SSO-based access to all applications to be used for their role.

MFA – Multi Factor Authentication

MFA stands for 'Multi Factor Authentication'. It means that two or more steps are required to log in. This measure makes it more difficult to break into an account ("identity theft") and thus ensures a higher level of security and data protection. In some cases, MFA is required by (European) regulations. 

With SynerBee, MFA can be easily configured and users can use MFA to log in to different applications in a recognizable way.

How it works

SynerBee provides an easy way to configure Azure's Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) functionalities. By properly setting up the Azure AD and Office365 environment, employees, partners or administrators can gain secure access in a user-friendly way. With an authenticator app with push notifications such as the widely used Google or Microsoft authenticator, this works extra secure. Thus, access to preconfigured SSO applications can easily be granted or revoked to employees and employees can log in with MFA securely and user-friendly.

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